Sales Ready Leads

Getting high quality bottom of the funnel (BoFu) leads has always been costly and challenging for many marketers, but these leads work very well for your sales & marketing reps. It requires a solid razor sharp approach to generate Highly Qualified BANT Leads at scale and Acceligize does this exactly the right way with the right approach, browse our three different Sales Ready Leads flavors to learn more.

Highly Qualified Leads & BANT
Confirmed Call Back Leads & Product Demo
Appointment Setting

Marketing Ready Leads

Content is King – we all know that! But Content Distribution is the Queen and she wears the pants! You need to get your message in front of the right audience and engage them. Getting a constant flow of leads at the top of the funnel (ToFu) and middle of the funnel (MoFU) with marketing or custom intelligence can be very time consuming. It requires commitment and Acceligize uses it’s multi-channel approach to put you in front of a receptive audience and profile them as per your requirements, browse our three different Marketing Ready Leads flavors to learn more

Content Syndication & Qualification
Account Profiling & Custom Intelligence
Events & Webinar Registrations


Supreme Data Solutions

When you start your marketing activities you need to make sure you have an accurate database that gives you 100% efficiency so that your efforts don’t get wasted. Data usually get’s old at 4% every month, with multiple data sources on the market today everyone promises quantity but they turn out to be low in quality. Getting a custom and verified target list built from scratch is time consuming and requires data specialties, this is where Acceligize steps in with a supreme quality data model that guarantees 100% accuracy, first & best in the industry. Browse our two different Database flavors to learn more.

Verified Contact List
Database Cleansing, Management & Appends

Waterfall Programs

Getting continuous & constant lead supply at different levels of the sales funnel can be a big task and having different leads at different buying stages is very crucial. Acceligize’s Waterfall program, addresses the requirement for a wide range of qualifications right starting from…


Account Based Marketing

Reaching specific target accounts with your right target message at the right time has now become more important than ever and you have to beat the competition. Acceligize runs more than 35 to 40 B2B Named account programs every month, just…

Customized Solutions

Acceligize takes it a step further by allowing you to pick your cherry from the garden! Want to draft a personalized and effective B2B campaign? – We’ve done this before and are not limited – you name it and we have it. If you have unique…