Verified Contact List

Before you start your sales & marketing activities you need to have a turbo-charged database to ensure targeting efficiency and your marketing vehicle needs this pure fuel in the form of accurate data. Today, there are many direct data sources on the market – but most prove to be in low quality, inefficient or overused – some data sources even fail to have 40 to 45% accuracy. Identifying the right contacts or target accounts and building a contact list from scratch has been a major challenge for many marketing departments and these activities are time consuming & costly which typically ends up as a trial & error.

Acceligize’s database solutions run on 100% accuracy guaranteed model, first & best in the industry. We use a mix of online & offline techniques and provide you a custom built list, made from scratch, which is human verified and meets your exact targeting specifications & requirements. We can also provide you contact list against your target account list. We’ll provide you complete information on contacts and accounts with SIC & NAICS codes as well, just tell us who you want to connect with and we’ll do the rest.

Database Cleansing, Management & Appends

Is your data work as hard as you are? – Yes that’s the question you need to ask your CRM & Marketing List. Having old, in-accurate, duplicate and missing information is a common problem faced by companies that are selling & marketing in the business to business space. Typically data starts losing its accuracy at 4% on a monthly basis and data that is stored over time can turn out to be false, keeping a ongoing fresh & hygienic CRM is very crucial but very time consuming and requires specialties. These activities can be very costly but are essential for your business.

Put Acceligize at work to clean your dirty data, we also provide ongoing data management programs and data updating services to fill in the missing information on a real time basis. We use proprietary methodologies to ensure a continuous active, hygienic and fresh CRM. We can act as your full stack database provider to clean in active information, update missing information and can manage it on a ongoing basis.

Let us simplify demand generation for you, experience our white glove service today!