Highly Qualified Leads & BANT

Highly Qualified Leads (HQLs) can be considered as turnkey solutions at the bottom of the funnel which gives you access to hot opportunities so that you can connect with warm prospects that are in market to evaluate a solution within a given timeframe and have gone through a full BANT (Budget Authority Need & Timeline) qualification. Getting qualified leads at the bottom of the funnel can be costly & time consuming and receiving a steady flow of good quality BANT leads can be difficult, it requires a tailored razor sharp approach.

Acceligize and its team with years of outbound B2B sales & marketing experience know the exact definition of BANT & HQL leads. We leverage our quality first lead generation model and deliver qualified leads that meet your exact Sales Intelligence & BANT qualification requirements, where the prospect has defined a pain & need and is ready to make a decision within a given time-frame.

Confirmed Call Back Leads & Product Demo

CCL & Product Demo Leads are tagged or scored between Middle & Bottom of the funnel, these leads are considered as Hard Marketing Qualified Leads. The name itself explains its main objective, these leads open opportunities for your sales reps to connect with prospects that have agreed to receive a call back or take a short demo of your offering. Getting commitments from prospects for a follow up call can be time-consuming and very challenging, but these leads do wonders for your sales & marketing reps.

Acceligize has been one of the pioneers to offer this segment and lead criteria. We use a mix of online & offline techniques to put you in front of warm & interested prospects that have agreed to receive a call back and take a short demo of your product or service. Our CCL lead generation model is designed to bring the sales & marketing reps close to the sell which will give them unmatched confidence.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is a commitment and not just a process .Trying to get qualified appointments can be time-consuming & frustrating followed by a bunch of pre-qualifying & nurture activities. Considered as one of the most qualified & valuable leads for senior marketers at enterprise companies, these leads are poised and vetted with proper nurturing to ensure they are ready to take your full sales pitch and spend high quality time with Sales Managers & Directors.

Pitch – Close-Repeat. Yes, that’s all what you need to do with Acceligize’s high quality Appointment Setting service. We let you receive & develop hot cases while you’re at your desk, we’ll do all the dirty work for you and serve you these leads on a hot plate. Acceligize’s highly skilled prospecting professionals will ensure that the appointments you receive from us our poised to take your full sales pitch and have interest to learn more about your offering.

Let us simplify demand generation for you, experience our white glove service today!